L2L - Learn French or English / Apprendre le français ou l'anglais

Welcome to Learn2Lang


Learn French or English in a Group

Would you like to learn in a group setting and enjoy the possibility of speaking with other students at your level? We have several group options available for you.


Learn Online

Our online tools will make learning a second language easy. Many learning tasks can be completed from the comfort of your home or office. Once you have mastered the basics, our teachers are available to teach you in the virtual classroom.


Individual Language Lessons


Do you need to improve your second language for a job you have always wanted? Or would you like to travel and speak your second language with friends? We are there to help. Our experienced teachers will adapt to your needs and help you reach your language training goals.


Get a B or a C Level in the Public Service

Learn2Lang (L2L) is one of the best language schools in Canada. We have extensive experience working with Federal Government employees.

We have helped thousands of employees reach their language levels and prepare for the three official tests (established by the Public Service Commission of Canada). Whether you need to achieve a BBB or CBC level, we can help! Our teachers regularly perform test simulations in order to prepare you for the stress of a real test. You are in good hands with us!