Language Courses

Individual Language Training

Individual language training may be full-time or part-time, according to your schedule and needs. Don't feel like coming to school? Our teachers can come to your office when you are available.

Group Language Training

Our groups are usually small (three to six students) and each student has use of a computer to assist learning. Our teachers use a computer controlled projector to lead discussions and learning activities.

Online Language Training

Mastering several languages is a major asset for all professionals.
It is now possible to perfect your language abilities remotely from your home or office. Try a blended approach with self-learning and teacher-guided learning in a virtual classroom.


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Feel confident when Speaking your Second Language

Mastering a second language can help boost your confidence - especially if you are seeking a new career.

Talk more. Learn more. Do more.

Our teachers know that you are the one who must talk more - not them. That is why they will give you the chance to practice your second language with them. Before you know it, you will be bilingual.

two persons talking 2

What now?

Get an idea of how and when you can start your training and request a free price proposal adapted to your needs.